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What is gatuline?

Gatuline is an organic botox from Latin America. It is extracted from the cress and is purely natural. It can be injected at the dermatologist, as many stars do, or applied to the skin in a cream.
Our method is painless. In addition, only the microcontraction is reduced by 60%, the facial expressions remain completely natural.

How often do I use the cream?

It is enough to use the cream once a day. You can do this in the morning or in the evening.
Why not a sun protection factor directly in the cream?
We don't always need sun protection. We do not intestine it in the cream, but recommend our Powerdrop Sunshield.
You simply mix the serum with the cream and your SFP 30 is ready

Where can I buy cream?

We are currently building up sales in Switzerland. You can certainly get CELLSTAR from us here. We deliver from Switzerland within 24 hours.

Why aren't there more articles?

We think we better focus on the really important products. With a cream, an eye cream and a serum you cover almost everything.

How do I clean myself?

Use the cleaning you prefer. CELLSTAR is absolutely compatible with all common cleaners, masks and peels.


If you have any further questions for us, please write to Cellstar (at)