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Gatuline - the active ingredient of the stars!

Gatuline is obtained from the paracress and is an extremely effective remedy from nature, its muscle relaxing effect has been in recent times discovered for cosmetics: It ensures that our facial muscles do not cramp, which can result in unsightly wrinkles and lines. Due to the gentler effect, it does not delete the individual facial expressions, rather microcontractions are slowed down and inhibited, the face appears relaxed, smooth and tight. At the same time, side effects with this miracle cure of nature are excluded: The facial expressions remain natural, pain is spared and nobody finds a face treated with Gatuline as "artificial".

It is called the active ingredient of the stars because many celebrities have the organic botox injected because, unlike other botox active ingredients, it is purely plant-based.

Kalinat DNA

Our skin is damaged by sun exposure and environmental pollution and has to regenerate. Over time, this structure of DNA works less and less, which is why our skin forgives less and less damage as we get older. This new one is made from maritime raw materials Cosmetic ingredient for one absolute innovation: Kalinat DNA supports and promotes the Repair the damaged DNA and improves skin elasticity due to its constructive effect, makes the contours tighter again and the skin becomes more radiant: its plumping effect is evident on the entire face.

Since the active ingredient is completely natural, it gets into the deeper layers of the skin much better. By stimulating the cells to do so-called pinocytosis (also called "cell drinking"), other active substances (such as gatulins) are transported into the cell "in a backpack" by Kalinat DNA, in order to develop their full effect there.


Juveleven has a positive effect on the Cell repair mechanism, their renewal and longevity. Juveleven protects the cell DNA from damage and helps to reduce DNA damage that has arisen as a result of environmental influences and UV radiation. It's delayed the signs of aging and improves the appearance of the skin. You look much younger.

Low and high molecular hyaluronic acid solution

High molecular hyaluronic acid works on the skin surface and forms a light and invisible film, this reduces the natural water loss of the skin and cushions small wrinkles again.

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid consists of smaller molecules that penetrate the skin and provide a high degree of moisture there. This replenishes the skin's fluid reservoir, Wrinkles and lines are padded from the inside, the skin looks firmer and plumper.


lllumiscin reduces pigment spots by inhibiting melanin and lipofuscin pigments. Pigment spots are getting smaller and can be almost completely obscured over time. The lightening makes the skin look healthier, younger and purer. At the same time, Illumiscin prevents the creation of new pigment spots.

Pore away and Evermat

Through these active ingredients the pores refined and the facial skin matted. The structure is refined and the skin complexion is thus sustainably improved. The skin appears smoother, softer and, above all, cleaner. The luminosity and vitality returns.

Syn Eye

The active ingredient Syn Eye effectively fights puffiness, shadows and wrinkles around the eyes. The skin around the eyes looks plumper, smoother and more youthful. Syn Eye provides the sensitive skin around the eyes with sufficient moisture.



The special thing about CELLSTAR: the active ingredients come from nature. Gatuline is purely vegetable and is obtained from the paracress. Kalinat DNA comes from from maritime raw materials.

This is the ultimate beauty secret, using natural ingredients!

Proven Quality:

The products were developed and manufactured by specialists in Austria and Germany. In addition, they were vtested for effectiveness by a Swiss dermatologist.

Free of:

CELLSTAR is dermatologically tested, free of parabens, silicone oils, paraffin oils and mineral oils and is of course developed and manufactured without animal testing.