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CELLSTAR Powerdrops Anti Pollution 15 ml

CELLSTAR Powerdrops Anti Pollution is the answer to the question of how we look before the growing environmental pollution and the associated premature skin aging protect.

  • Support the Skin detoxification ability
  • Increases resilience and protects against increasing pollution from environmental and air pollution
  • Improves elasticity and refines the complexion

The contained active ingredient complex supports the skin's defenses against environmental pollutants and environmental signs of aging. Antioxidants strengthen the natural skin barrier so that your skin can stand up to air pollution, UV rays and oxidative stress. The skin is freed of toxins and is able to regenerate itself.

The high-tech complex Delentigo ™ developed in Switzerland ensures an even skin tone, reduces age spots and prevents photo-aging and pigment spots.


The Delentigo ™ complex is plant-based and consists of sulforaphane (from garden cress) and genistein (an isoflavone in Soya).


It's super easy: put a small amount of the CELLSTAR favorite care product in the palm of your hand, add 2-3 drops of the Powerdrops concentrate and mix with your fingertips.

So you give Your skin an exclusive and tailor-made combination for perfect skin care.


The products have a crucible symbol printed on them. The serum is stable for 12 months after opening.

Proven Quality:

The products were developed and manufactured by specialists in Austria and Germany. In addition, they were examined for their effectiveness by a Swiss dermatologist.

Free of:

CELLSTAR is dermatologically tested, free of parabens, silicone oils, paraffin oils and mineral oils and is of course developed and manufactured without animal testing.

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